16 New Magistrates to be Appointed

Chief Justice of Swaziland

The Chief Justice of Swaziland, Mr. Justice Bheki Maphalala said what necessitated the need for hiring magistrates was the fact that magistrates were not hired when Pigg’s Peak and Hluti Magistrate’s Courts were constructed. He also said the transfer of Magistrate Simangele Mbatha to Pigg’s Peak also made this a necessity. The magistrates will be deployed in the various magistrates around the country.

CJ said it was also necessary for more clerks to be hired in the courts alongside the new appointments.

This, according to the CJ, was aimed at improving the speed at which cases were tried. He pointed out that more secretaries were also needed to ensure that such was achieved.

Maphalala also said it was not good for the country to have cases take a long time to be concluded.

Bheki Maphalala said such would make cases lack evidence as people who would be witnesses in cases might die while cases were still in progress.

The Chief Justice of Swaziland said such could lead to the miscarriage of justice as suspects might find themselves being acquitted because of the fact that there was no evidence to put them into prison.

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