December 2015

Miss Swaziland

Miss Swaziland Tourism hosts Christmas Party

On the 26th of December 2015 Miss Swaziland Tourism Nadia Nascimento Roberto hosted  a Christmas party for OVC at MalindzaGogo centre. The event was well attended with over 200 children from the area attending together…

Swaziland News

Rodes must fall?

“Rodes must fall? Why exactly should he?” by Valentine Martine Why the outcry, yes the man had a world view that does not hold sway with what we believe today, or at least most don’t….

climate change conference

Paris 2015 on Climate change

While analysts are working to digest the full implications of the agreement, a few points stand out. The incredible success we saw in Paris was only possible because ordinary people stood up and spoke up…

Chief Justice of Swaziland

16 New Magistrates to be Appointed

The Chief Justice of Swaziland, Mr. Justice Bheki Maphalala said what necessitated the need for hiring magistrates was the fact that magistrates were not hired when Pigg’s Peak and Hluti Magistrate’s Courts were constructed. He also…