2016 what will it bring? Businesses are shifting from South Africa to Swaziland


(Valentine Martin, February 10,2016)

Swaziland could be shaping up to becoming once again a safe haven for companies stationed in South Africa 2016 being an election year with municipal elections scheduled.

It started on a high note with the ruling ANC government having at the end of last year surprisingly and unexpectedly removed the minister of Finance replaced him with a relatively unknown back bencher for three days only to replace him again with the old Minister Pravin Gordon.

All of that did nothing for the waning confidence in the competence of the government by international analyst’s agencies and business nor did it do the local currency any favours it is now hovering around the 16 ZAR for a dollar mark.

2016 being an election year we can expect a lot of activities from all sides in South Africa and judging from the Twitter and social media row it will e a divisive campaign with the ANC blaming its main opposition of racist actions while at the same time fanning the flames of racist discourse by highlighting or having highlighted any and every action that could even remotely be construed to be race motivated and goes counter to their agenda and is disseminated by a person who is of the lighter shade of South African. If it persists that way we will soon see serious possibly violent outbreaks within various areas.

Kingdom of Swaziland on the other hand is set to remain peaceful it has after all a long history f peace and stability.

The New King Mswati III airport is in operation and the area surrounding has been declared a Airport city. This offers numerous investment opportunities that are sure to be very rewarding in the medium to long term. The Infrastructure is being put in place and nearing completion making it ideal for smart investors who come on-board in the early stages and thereby stand to reap more benefits..

Many are looking at putting their money elsewhere, why not into Swaziland it has in the past proven to be a safe haven for investment and has the prerequisite to remain so even in the future! Will 2016 spell a new flood of investment for Swaziland?

Any Asian investors may contact Swaziland embassy in Malaysia, or may contact directly the office of the Special Envoy of HRH Princess Sikhanyiso for Investment Promotion, Kingdom of Swaziland which is located at 22ACD/1, 4th Floor, Menara-B, Persiaran MPAJ, Pandan Indah, 55100-Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The email is: info@mystartbiz.com

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