A Malaysian style Cosmetics City will be a viable project in Swaziland – HRH Princess Sikhanyiso

HRH Princess Sikhanyiso Special envoyHRH Princess Sikhanyiso while giving instructions and guidlines to her Special Envoy, Mr. Muhammad Qadeer

Kuala Lumpur, 6 May, 2017; ‘A Malaysian style Cosmetics city will be a viable project in Swaziland’. ‘Swaziland climate suits the plantation of various plants used in manufacturing the cosmetics’, said the Principal Princess HRH Princess Sikhanyiso  while in a meeting with her Special Envoy Mr. Muhammad Qadeer.

The Principal Princess tasked her Special Envoy to liaise with local business community to offer them the advantages of investing in Kingdom of Swaziland which is considered a door to all African continent. While sharing the initial proposal, Mr. Qadeer explained the different phases of the proposed project which is expected to house facilities that can cater for a variety of purposes, including manufacturing, packaging, formulation, product development as well as production of high-value materials in plantations.

HRH Princess Sikahnyiso admired the proposal and assured to allocate necessary land for the project and assured her full support for such a mega project under private sector. It was told by the Special Envoy that the same project is already under development in Langkawi, Malaysia and the whole project is being finalized by the private sector and does not need  any financial support from government, in fact on the other hand government will be the primary beneficiary if the project is launched in Swaziland as such projects increase tourism and investment in Cosmetics industry in Swaziland which still looking for foreigner investors.

The Special Envoy of HRH Princess Sikhanyiso  also briefed the Principal Princess regarding various other projects which are in pending and need immediate support from concerned authorities. It was also suggested by the Special Envoy to reduce the landing charges & taxes in aviation sector to attract international airlines to start operations in state of art HMK Mswati III International airport together with immigration reforms to filter and support the genuine investors.

The various challenges faced in pending projects were also discussed in the meeting and HRH Princess Sikhanyiso issued the instructions to the concerned departments to expedite the working on proposals.

‘We need Trade, not Aid’

I have been tasked to report on regular basis regarding the progress of proposed projects, said the Special Envoy while talking to Siyimbali reporter. In our point of view, we need trade not aid! from our friendly nations, he further added.

(Siyimbali Online Reporter)

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