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King of Swaziland

Kingdoms and Monarchs of the World

By: Muhammad Qadeer, Special Envoy of HRH Princess Sikhanyiso for Investment Promotion, Kingdom of Swaziland Eventually, through battle, smaller kingdoms united under powerful rulers are called Monarchs. The monarchy unifies the diverse’ people and brings…

Swaziland News

Rodes must fall?

“Rodes must fall? Why exactly should he?” by Valentine Martine Why the outcry, yes the man had a world view that does not hold sway with what we believe today, or at least most don’t….

UNO Africa

UN Security Council and Peace

Special Article by Dumisani Hlophe In the last few weeks we have witnessed a lot of violence a lot of Bombing and killing of innocent civilians all in the name of something or other, who gains…


Encouraging Ubuntu

By Renata Reck King Sobhuza II stimulated it, Mandela spoke of it, Desmond Tutu elaborated on it and many more have since written about it and even chosen the name for their children, clubs, foundations…