Encouraging Ubuntu


By Renata Reck

King Sobhuza II stimulated it, Mandela spoke of it, Desmond Tutu elaborated on it and many more have since written about it and even chosen the name for their children, clubs, foundations and incidentally their yachts. In SiSwati, the language of Swaziland, we say ‘Buntfu’. Various tribes of Africa have their own dialect or variation of the word. Ubuntu has found itself creeping into Southern African English and it is making its way into global English and other languages through South Africa’s own Mark Shuttleworth’s computer operating system called Ubuntu, and now it spreads even more through the worldwide movement known as Ubuntu. On Facebook there are many groups called ‘Ubuntu’ where one can post observations related to such. On the quest towards one’s Inner Being, Ubuntu can be an encouragement to all.

Most people are not content and joyous beings, for they are not doing that which brings them satisfaction and joy. Intending, allowing, and then receiving, that is how one finds contentment and joy. Intend to have or be something or someone, give yourself the permission without looking at anyone else who has already received similar or better, worse or less. Know now, that that there is always enough on this planet for you. What you want is already yours, just open yourself to receive.

Most of us have withdrawn from the position of making decisions about our personal wants. Many simply wait to be told what is best for them by institutions, family members or even individuals. Many continue to create by default; meaningactively creating in the direction of that which you are intentionally thinking about, which is mostly just what you can see in the present moment. Often it stems from fear, jealousy, or aiming to please others wishes of what they expect from you. Think positively about yourself and watch how your positive thoughts create positive things.

The concept of Ubuntu reminds us that we go beyond bodily birth and death. We have an energy within us that does not need this vessel called a body.Our Inner Beingis aware of all of the experiences that we havetaken part in, both physical and nonphysical. It can be said that words truly do not teach. One can only be encouraged to gotowards this knowing that is held by our Inner Being. Mostly,our knowing comes through our personal life experience. A life-coach can cheerothers on and also joyfully remind their ownself to be aware of these inner feelings. You can make contact with your Inner Being.Be still and listen to your deep breathing. From your inner strength it is possible to purposefully create that which you choose within this physical life. Decide to be happy.

What is it that you really want? Has it changed from yesterday? Trust yourself to know that your dreams grow and change. Some wants may even no longer be important as yesterday, for new ones come to you every day. Envision the life experience that you expect. Begin creating your future, now, through the power of your creative thought. As you accomplish the blending of your Inner Being and your mindful physical being, you will CONSCIOUSLY begin seeking experiences that will bring growth, for in those growth experiences will come wonderful joy and much satisfaction.

There are some major changes taking place upon our planet. If we areseeking the comfort of sameness, then great dissatisfaction and unpleasantness keeps coming.If we are viewing the happenings that are coming from the viewpoint of one who seeks growth, and understand that growth comes from new experience,then we will be filled with excited eagerness, for we all know that within the new experience comes progress and joy.

Humanity’s primary intentions are harmony and growth. We are all born with Ubuntu and the primary intentions of those who surround you are the same. Through Ubuntu we can recognize that even in each of ourdifferences, we are all intending to have life experiences that will bring us to knowing. As we all learn to allow others to be as they are, in the same way we expectthem to allow ourselves to be as we are.

Ubuntu, umuntungumuntungabanyeabantu.

Is a saying in isiZulu. In SiSwati one would say:

Buntfu, umntfungumuntfungabanyebantfu.

Meaning, ‘Ubuntu, A human is Human Being amongst others.’

It is with accepting others that we can truly be ourselves.  As more of us are reach that state, then, upon our Planet Earth, there will be total harmony and peace and satisfaction and contentment and joy.Ubuntu.

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