‘His Majesty never demanded 10% Coca Cola shares’

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By Muhammad Qadeer

There are some so called groups (actually the opportunists) who have no interest in prosperity of the Kingdom of Swaziland and they continuously keep playing with the feelings of every Swazis. Such so called groups are disguised in some times ‘Human Rights Groups’ and some times present themselves as “Activists”.

But in common Swazi’s eyes, these are international criminals who are doing crime against each and every Swazi by giving them false and baseless information and reports. If you study such reports, you will not find any evidence or any trustworthy person behind the story. What only they have, a big mouth! and that’s all. Whatever comes in their mouth, they speak without thinking what they are saying.

The same has happened few days back when it was quoted in such ghost reports, ‘His Majesty went to India with 30 children, 100 servants, 15 wives’..bla..bla.. But when the truth came out that His Majesty visited India with only ONE wife then these groups went on running. All the times such reports come without the verified source.

Another fantasy of ill mind reporters came again in “the market” few days back, stating “His Majesty demanded 10% share in Coca Cola”.

Again these ghost reporters played with the feelings of a common Swazi. Again and again these so called “Reporters” play with common Swazis feelings because they know Swazis are living happily in their Kingdom where peace and happiness is prevailing every where. Where no one is slaughtering each other. No one is fighting in Parliament. No one is fighting on religious grounds. No street crime in the Kingdom. This is what these so called “Reporters”  do not like in Swaziland.

His Majesty King Mswati III is the King of whole Kingdom. Whatever we have, is for our Kingdom, for our beloved monarchs. Our His Majesty already owns the whole Kingdom and he is the custodian of whole Kingdom.

In fact our beloved His Majesty is working hard to bring more foreign investment in Swaziland. For this, the all the stake holders are already activated. Every one is working hard to meet His Majesty’s vision 2022. For vision 2022 all stake holders are now on board. International investors are being invited to come and invest in the Kingdom. Here is the point where such so-called reporters also got more activated and they have started fabricating, such stories which could effect the international investment in Swaziland. But these groups will face regret as now no one accept their reports. Every one knows, their reports are baseless and just to humiliate the feelings of a common Swazis and just to create negative impression of the Kingdom in other world.

Target of ghost reports is, His Majesty’s Vision 2022

Whatever these ghost reporters are doing actually, is against the His Majesty vision 2022. But a good thing has happened. Now every one is talking about His Majesty’s vision 2022. His Majesty’s vision 2022 is now being discussed even in international media. His Majesty’s vision 2022 actually is a great road map of success which will put every Swazi in same row where today big countries are standing. This is what, these ghost reporters don’t want it to happen in the Kingdom. That’s why they are trying their best.

And thanks God, our government officials have also started monitoring the such ghost reports.

The government states that it normally does not entertain political lunacy aimed at negatively digging into His Majesty the King’s private life, but that when dirty politics takes advantage of innocent audiences as if it is the last day on earth there is a reason to flinch.

“His Majesty the King has not made any demands of a free 10% stake from CocaCola and CocaCola does not have any record of any Royal approach to that effect. Our experience is that when someone attributes information to ghosts (reliable sources) as it were, he/she is most probably making up the story.  We take the statement as primitive propaganda, a projection of rotting morals and political bankruptcy,” reads the statement.

Government further reminded the world that the Solidarity Network put the recent Reed Dance Traffic Accident casualty at 68 and attributed that information to “reliable sources on the ground” when actually only 10 girls and three young men were lost.

“Seemingly, the Solidality Network has a flare for taking advantage of cheap audiences and unsuspecting media houses one of which used footage of a bus accident in the Eastern Cape, South Africa to mean the tragic accident in Matsapha, Swaziland, which involved trucks. We are open to criticism but surely not to lunacy,” added government in the statement issued by the government press secretary Percy Simelane on 06th November 2015.

Mr. Muhammad Qadeer, lawyer by profession,  isSpecial Envoy of HRH Princess Sikhanyiso Dlamini for Investment Promotion in the Kingdom of Swazilandand also owns I.T, Management and Construction businesses in Malaysia.

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2 Comments on "‘His Majesty never demanded 10% Coca Cola shares’"

  1. Valentin Martin | November 7, 2015 at 6:32 am | Reply

    All the negative reporting is not aimed at promoting the lives of swazi on the ground but a cheap atrmt at profiling the clueless political opertunist

  2. It’s a fact, the people who know nothing about Swaziland, they do negative reporting. Such people do not represent Swaziland even they have no ties with Swaziland. Swazi love their King. Thanks Mr. Qadeer for such a nice article. Princess Sikhanyiso has really chosen a right person as her special envoy. keep it up.

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