HRH Princess Sikhanyiso to quit as ‘Chief maiden’

HRH Princess Sikhanyiso, Swaziland NewsHRH Princess Sikhanyiso with Symbolic Crown.

According to the reliable sources, the Principal Princess HRH Sikhanyiso will quit as “Inkhosatana” (Chief Maiden) and Head of the Imbali regiment. The September 17 and 18, 2016 will mark end of HRH Sikhanyiso rein as “Chief Maiden”.

HRH Skhanyiso the principal princess and member of “Royal Advisory Board (Liqoqo) is a graduate from Sydney University with a master’s degree in digital communication and is considered a visionary youth leader who has followers and fans from all over the world. She has been the head of Imbali Regiment (Chief Maiden) for last several years. She is the most famous young Princess among the world royals loved and respected by hundreds of millions youth around the world.

Siyimbali News Reporter: Sep 14, 2016)

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  1. Why is the princess quitting? You must still be the head Maiden.


    South Africa

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