Lion Has Already Roared, hold your horses! Mtetwa warns

Swaziland News, Timothy Velabo Mtetwa

MPs, ministers or whosoever to hold their horses because the “lion has already roared on the matter”, Timothy Velabo Mtetwa, who is otherwise known as the traditional prime minister, responded on misgivings about the Ingwenyama Cup E9.0 million funds allocation.

A statement with the same gesture has also came from National Court President Ndumiso Dlamini, who said ” “Kunjalo vele siSwati nemhambo, ngisho nangesilungu lombala, kwaze kwakhuluma Ingwenyama kute lomunye lophindze akhulume endzabeni,” (it is true Swazi and culture dictates that once the king has spoken, no one else is expected to say a word against his).”

The common Swazi love their culture. When the MPs started talking about the issue, the common Swazi was disturbed by the statements made by MPs. The public has warmly welcomed the statements of Mtetwa and Ndumiso Dlamini, given in response to few MPs statements which were publicly termed, “irresponsible and against the traditional behavior”.

(Siyimbali online reporter: November 21, 2015)

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