Many Job Opportunities to be Created in Swaziland in New Projects

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Under His Majesty King Mswati III rule, Kingdom of Swaziland has gained international trust. Kingdom of Swaziland sincere friend Republic of China on Taiwan has donated E26 Million to Swaziland.  The donation is seven projects and latest cheque for three projects, namely, the fish hatcheries, the rural electrification and the supply of water in rural areas project has already been issued to Government of Swaziland.

The construction of a fish hatchery along the Nkomazi River, at Maguga in the Hhohho region which create many job opportunities for Swazis.

Principal Secretary Bertram Stewart said, the project will enhance fish cultivation as Swaziland, being a landlocked country, is currently importing almost all fish products.

According to the Republic of China on Taiwan Ambassador Thomas Chen, financial assistance would go towards seven projects which include the first payment of the construction of fish hatcheries at Maguga, the second payment of the rural electrification scheme and the payment of a project for water supply in rural schools.

The second and final payment of the procurement and installation of office and printing equipment for the production of a diplomatic directory for Swaziland Protocol Office, the first payment of the Junior Achievement Swaziland Youth Entrepreneurship Programme, the first payment of the procurement of computers and printers for the National Fire and Emergency Services and the final payment of the construction of rural schools computer laboratories.

The other four projects’ cheques were already delivered on November 19, 2015 bringing up the total donation approximately E36 million.

Moses Vilakati, The Minister of Agriculture said, “Fisheries played an important role in food and nutrition in the country. Fish farming becomes the only plausible fisheries activity. More so fish stocks have been overfished in almost all water bodies in the world”.

2 700 households to have electricity by March 2016

THE rural electrification project which started back in 2011 is aimed at enabling the Swazi nation to reach an access rate of 70% when it comes to electricity.

The project, which comprises of 18 electricity schemes, has a total of 2 757 households that will be connected to the national electricity grid by March 2016.

(Siyimbali online reporter:  December 23, 2015)


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