New e-Payment System to be Introduced in Swaziland by HRH Princess Sikhanyiso

HRH Princess Sikhanyiso

QuickfirePay is the latest e-payment system introduced by HRH Princess Sikhanyiso to

Kingdom of Swaziland with technical support of a leading Malaysian I.T company My Start Biz Sdn Bhd.

Currently the e-payment system is in trail mode once fully launched, it will bring ease to almost all Swazis and is a great break through is turning the Kingdom of Swaziland into a country having its own e-payment system which is soon to be expanded all over Africa making it a uniform e-payment system for all African internet users.

Once fully launched, the user may enjoy following services online anywhere, anytime not only in Swaziland but all over the world.

Mobile Airtime 24/7 hours a day, any time any where

Day or night, with QuickfirePay, you don’t need to go out to buy your mobile air time.

Electricity Vouchers, no need to find a seller of Electricity vouchers. You can purchase Electricity voucher online 24/7 a day.

School fee paymentYou can even pay school fees through QuickfirePay (at participating schools.)

Send and Receive Money anywhere in the World..just a click away! QuickfirePay is the safest way to send and receive money any where not only in Swaziland, South Africa or Africa. Even anywhere in the world you can receive money with just an email!

If you in Business, do you have customers in different locations anywhere in the world, now You don’t need to wait a long for delay in receiving payments through conventional ways. Now you can receive your payments easily, timely online just in seconds. Simply ask your customers to pay you using and that’s all. You will receive payments in real time…in seconds with just a click.

Increase your current income by selling online? QuickfirePay is offered to empower every Swazi to increase his/her income. Whatever you have, if you want to sale it, simply add your product to QuickfirePay shop and sale it online. Adding product a product on QuickfirePay shop is free.

Payment Button. Add Payment Button to your current website. If you already have website, simply choose a payment button from QuickfirePay account and use it on your current website and start receiving payments through your own website.

Your Online Accountant QuickfirePay also serves as an alternative of Accountant. You can track all your payments online without any accountant!

Online Invoicing You can create online invoice to send to your customer to make payment online just in seconds using QuickfirePay

A Gift for your loved one!QuickfirePay is a modern way to give a gift away!. Simply add funds to your loved one account with just a click away.

QuickfirePay is a revolution in Swaziland making everyone’s life easier and simpler and bringing smiles!

How to Start

Simply log on to and create a FREE Account and start using QuickfirePay anytime, anywhere!

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