SADC Driver’s Licence to be introduced in Swaziland

swaziland driving license

Lobamba; Soon Swazi drivers will be required to posses SADC driving licence which will have 5 years validity from the date of its issuance and can renewed by attending a driving & fitness test.

Drivers, who already have Swazi driver’s licences, will not be tested for the SADC ones. They will just get them and use them for driving.

Minister of Public Works and Transport Lindiwe Dlamini yesterday said the licences would be introduced very soon. She did not specify on the time frame. The country is now at a stage of constructing testing centres for drivers to get such licences.  She was responding to a question posed by Senator Lindiwe Ngwenya, standing in for Senator Meninjeni Mahlalela, who was not present during yesterday’s Senate sitting.

After the expiry of the licence, drivers will be expected to go for tests. This time, many things will be considered when testing because even the drivers themselves will be tested.

Eyes, for example, will be tested because in five years’ time, the condition of the eyes is usually not the same as now,” Dlamini said.

There will be choice of language in proposed SADC licence.The drivers will choose the language in which their licences will be written. The period of validity will also be specified, as well as the type of vehicles the driver of the licence should be driving. It will also be featuring a stamp of the driving school of the driver, as well as the fingerprints of the driver. (Siyimbali online Reporter)

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