Survivors of August 2015 Accident Compensated with E1.9 million

Imbali Compensation

His Majesty King Mswati III has sent Themba Ginindza, the acting Ludzidzini governor in the absence of Timothy Velabo Mtetwato to deliver the message as well as ensure that the 109 survivors were given their money, Ginindza revealed yesterday.

“The money is for the King’s heroes, let us get that clear. Not the parents!” he said.

A total of 109 members of the Imbali regiment who are survivors of the accident each received E17 634, amounting to E1 922 million as announced by Themba Ginindza.

A total of E4 000 cash was availed for each of the survivors at the distribution and the maidens had the option of taking the cash or having it sent to their phones through MTN Mobile Money. This money would be sent directly to each of the survivor’s phone numbers. If they do not have phones, the money would be sent to the parents or guardians.

The rest of the money, Imbali maidens received in form of cheques which they would have to cash out with the assistance of their parents or guardians. The King, speaking through Ginindza, said the Imbali regiment was very close to his heart which was why the accident was very unfortunate.

(Siyimbali online reporter November 22, 2015)

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