Swaziland Arts sector to promote musicians

Lutof DlaminiSWAMA president Luthfo Dlamini

Authorities in the arts sector in Swaziland are determined to promote and nurture all musicians in that country.

An amount of R150 000 has been invested in the newly-launched MTN SWAMA Awards to celebrate local talent.

SWAMA President Mr. Luthfo Dlamini says their aim is to see all musicians prosper within the SADC region and eventually showcase their talent abroad.

This initiative received support from the South African Music Industry Council.

A first of its kind, the inaugural MTN SWAMA awards at Matsapha in Swaziland.

The event marks the beginning of an expansion of the country’s music industry with nominees representing various genres, including traditional music being shown to the fans.

Musicians hope the event will promote their craft not only in Swaziland but also in the neighboring countries.

Gospel Artist, Mduduzi Simelane says: “This is a big thing, we appreciate the opportunity that we are being given as artists in the kingdom. We shall see what the future holds for us now, but this is a lifetime chance for all artists.”

The event aims to see Swazi artists gain international exposure those who have made it include Bholoja and Sands.

Something that Eugene Mthethwa, the president of South African Music Industry Council is applauding:

“We are here to share some knowledge about the industry, to encourage the good things that the organizers are doing, cause I guess this is inaugural, it’s the first time they are holding these awards. We have been having awards for so many years so, it’s good for us to come and show that support and see what they doing and be able to advise where we can.”

The first SWAMA event is due to take place in August this year.

SWAMA president Luthfo Dlamini says the awards aim to encourage musicians to continue producing their best music:

“This is the first that MTN has offered an amount of over half a million, which by and measures is the biggest in the country – and we hope by this we will be able to celebrate talent that Swaziland has unearthed, which is becoming a regional thing, because our artists now are getting out of Swaziland, they are getting well known in the SADC region and eventually overseas.”

Government officials have also promised to come and support initiatives like these to promote all artists and musicians in Swaziland.

(Siyimbali Online Reporter)

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