Swaziland had made some absolute improvements between 2006-2015

World Bank

According to World Bank updated overview on September 2015;

“A comparison across several of the Doing Business indicators between 2006 and 2015 also suggests that the country has made some (absolute) improvements in several indicators over time”.

According to World Bank online overview regarding Kingdom of Swaziland, it is mentioned, “Swaziland has shown some improvements in both the Global Competitiveness Report and the Doing Business Indicators”..,

Doing Business Report 2015 ranks Swaziland 110rd out of 189 countries in the overall ease of doing business. There are many countries which are still behind Swaziland and it is predicted by some economist, Swaziland has great potential for foreign investors specially in Tourism, Manufacturing, ICT and Mining.

Low Landing charges at King Mswati III international airport may play a vital role in attracting budget airlines to expand their operations up to Swaziland to take advantage of strategic location of King Mswati III international airport which very near to Maputo as well as Johannesburg but in terms of landing charges and other aviation related charges, King Mswati III international airport may attract more business than the airports of these two mentioned cities. A proper marketing team may be hired to present the golden business opportunities in Swaziland  to the foreigner investors, the economists suggest.

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