His Majesty King Mswati III, We are Proud of you

Swaziland: The most Peaceful country in Africa

Whether it is midnight or day, you are safe in Swaziland. Such peace of mind you can NOT have in any other Southern African country even in many developed countries as well.

If you have experience of traveling abroad, even in most of the developed countries, you’ll see ‘warning Signs’ everywhere specially “Hand Bag Snatching” warnings on bus or train stations every where. You’ll see signs “Be aware of Snatchers” in public areas.

But we don’t see such law and order situation in Swaziland. If parents do not have money, they’ll never ask their children to do robberies. Good parents shall do “good parental coaching” of their children at every cost whether they have money or they don’t have. This is called “true parental guide”.  If Swazis are not so rich but at least their leader has given them a true parental coaching how to be a civilized and peaceful nation.

In Swaziland, our shops are not covered with Iron Grills. We don’t even have many “Security Services” companies in Swaziland which means we are secured. This is what our His Majesty King Mswati III has given to us.

In most of neighboring countries even in many developed countries as well,  Gang Rapes, Shooting, Killing, Robberies, Kidnapping, Ransom are most common news in print and electronic media. This is what they call “Democracy”.

But if you read reports or any news related to Swaziland, it will not carry such horrible stories what you find in neighboring countries media coverage.

There is nothing to criticize on Swaziland except baseless allegation or some fantasies of sick mind so called “Activists or Reporters”.

These are those people with whom, even their wives or children  never agree.

Such so called “Activists or Reporters” cannot see what is happening in neighboring countries even in the whole Africa.

If AIDS average is high, who is responsible in maintaining the sexual relationship which is one of utmost root cause? The government or the person him/herself who missuses the relationship? Even if parents of AIDS infected cannot be accused how Monarchs can be accused for AIDS?

Actually Swaziland is victim of bitter truth. If such reporters have the courage to bring the truth to the public then they must give the answer to the public why not they investigate about AIDS how it spread only in a specific region of Africa which is actually an area which never accepted the dominance of invaders? Why do not they tell the real fact what was happening in Apartheid era when innocent people were being arrested and were released just after getting “an injection” only. Such reporters will never speak about such truth because then they have to dump the AIDS issue.

The most interesting part of such so called reports is, the origin of reports is not Swaziland.  If the reports are not originated from inland Swaziland, means the ‘Reporter’ has no knowledge about Swazi culture and Swazi history and if some how, some one is local Swazi Reporter, this question people may have in their mind, How much such Reporter himself has contributed in Swazi economy in terms of paying tax or any contribution in terms of helping his own Swazi community? Most probably, such so called activists even have no direct connection with ordinary Swazi. Such so called “Activists” stay in chilled room next to their laptop to create fantasies on internet with misleading and fabricated news reports or remain in contact with their “Big Bosses” through whatsapp. They have no interest in pains or pleasures of ordinary Swazis.

An ordinary Swazi can walk freely through a sugarcane field even at mid night in the country which is ruled by “Ingwenyama”.  Do these reporters/activists can walk freely not in a field, even on a road in the city just after 8’o clock in evening in any neighboring country? Go and see what is happening in neighborhood. This is difference between Kingdom of Eswatini and other countries. Those are not called leaders who use common citizen’s blood to get power and kill hundred of thousands innocent civilians in power games. Leader always gives peace of mind to it’s public which every Swazi has. In our Swaziland, we are not fighting with each other just for politics. We are living happily under our chiefs. We love them. We respect them because they represent our beloved “Ingwenyama”. 

These are the Swazi Monarchs who have made the country now what you see, a peaceful country of a happy nation. “One country One Nation”! All are Swazis. Such reporters can do nothing to our Monarchs. Actually these reports play with the feelings of a common Swazi.

Even the most attractive cultural event “Umhalanga” (Reed Dance) is portrayed in international media an event in which His Majesty King Mswati III chooses a wife! Being a Swazi, do you agree with such report? The answer will be “No” as every Swazi knows that “Umhalanga” (Reed Dance)  is not a such event at all. It’s just a cultural event and all Swazis are proud of their culture and a common a Swazi wait the whole year to witness this event.

Another negative news which remains in international media is about “Polygamy”. They even don’t know the Swazi customs and simply say “His Majesty King Mswati III picks another wife”. They don’t know how much Swazis love their Monarchs and they are proud of their Monarchs. They don’t know actually each wife represents a “Clan” or “Tribe” and thus, most of the tribes have their representation even in Royal Residences and have direct relationship with “Royals”. Is their any other country in world whose “Common Citizen” has direct relationship with “Monarchs”? But it can been seen in Swaziland. His Majesty King Mswati III has direct relationship with almost all important Swazi clans/tribes as his wives are chosen locally from Swazi clans/tribes. This is actually a wise and long history related fact which so called “Reporters” never try to know.

Furthermore, sitting in a chilled room hundred or thousands miles away from actual place of event, how a report can be a public opinion?

Is this uncommon to travel by air? How many aircraft fleets are on disposal of Head of States in the world. Head of States are Head of State. They have the responsibility of whole nation. They are not “Online Bloggers”. They have to take necessary measures for their common citizens. If their is only ONE Aircraft for traveling for His Majesty, how it creates any distressing situation in the world media? What about the other other Head of States? Do they travel internationally on motorbike?

If you are in Swaziland, then stand on a roadside or even go in rural community, ask a simple question from a common Swazi “do you love your Monarchs”? The answer will not be only “Yes”, you will get more passionate answers than only “Yes”. You will listen “King is always in our Heart”, We love our “King Mswati III”, We love our Ingwenyama. “

Our King can be seen closely in Public gathering. Our King is attached to every Swazi.

Don’t struggle hard to know how much Swazis love their King. Just attend “Unhalanga”(Reed Festival), you will come to know how Swazis love their King. You will see not only the King, even the daughters of His Majesty King Mswati III are mixed with common Swazis.

In short, “if you know Swazis then only you can know about Swaziland“.

In Swaziland; we have ‘peace‘ which is a great gift from our beloved His Majesty King Mswati III.

Our Monarchs think the way how Swazis love them. They have made a small country into a most peaceful country in the Africa without profound resources. They love their common countrymen.

Swaziland PrincessHRH Princess Sikhanyiso is one of the most hard working Princess in the world. Without any profound resources, HRH Princess Sikhanyiso has established a leading charity “Imbali Foundation” in Swaziland which is always helping Swazis. The critics have no contribution at any level but their reports shows, they are dying for Swaziland.

A small example can be quoted; few days earlier without any evidence or truth, just sitting in a room a report was circulated that “His Majesty King Mswati III is in India with 100 Servants, 30 Children and 15 Wives”. Such reporters even don’t know how many children His Majesty King Mswati III have!

His Majesty King Mswati III was in India with only ONE wife and with only 2 or 3 of the family members were accompanied by His Majesty. But to taste their fantasies, a baseless and total lie and fabricated report was quoted in the media by such reporters.

This is how such sick mind so called “Activists or Reporters” had robbed Swaziland of good opportunities to attract International business. Despite giving the true picture how His Majesty King Mswati III had done a great and hard working job to attract many Indian investors to invest in Swaziland, they portraying it in bad.

(An Article written by a Malaysian resident who has family ties with Swaziland and also has normal place of residence in Swaziland)

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