SNAIP to be launched with E26 billion

Swaziland Agriculture
Ministry of Agriculture Swaziland;
’30 to 35 dams would be built from Pigg’s Peak to Shiselweni’

The Principal Secretary Robert Thwala said members of parliament had all along been complaining about the 10 percent of the budget which must be put to agriculture. Now, with the launch of the E26 billion Swaziland National Agriculture Investment Plan (SNAIP), government is likely to increase its annual allocation to agriculture which over the years has been declining.

He said while government was putting in 10 percent into the sector, the private sector in the country must also tap into this and invest in agriculture.

Thwala added; for the next 10 years through SNAIP, 30 to 35 dams would be built from Pigg’s Peak to Shiselweni and these would also provide water to the Lowveld.

The PS said for the success of SNAIP, the private sector would be very key as it was expected to make financial commitments to some projects of the multi-billion programme.

(Siyimbali online reporter: November 10, 2015)

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