Swaziland stands at No.1 Position in Sub-Saharan Africa Cross Border Trade

Sikhuphe Airport

(By MM Khumalo February 13, 2016)

According to World Bank Swaziland latest data available through World Bank, Kingdom of Swaziland stands at No.1 position in “Cross Border Trade” in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Such ranking is considered very attractive for Foreigner investors as Swaziland can be a “most favorite” business place for start up operations due to its investor’s friendly policies in the region and its cross border trade among other African countries serves as a ‘Gateway to Africa‘.

Although overall ranking for “Ease of Doing Business” is No.105 which is expected to boosted in near future as many new projects are going to be started specially near King Mswati III International Airport.

A state of the art planned Shopping Complex is also expected to become an attractive destination in Swaziland very soon followed by many expected foreign funded projects in the area.

HRH Princess Sikhanyiso is also taking keen interest in developing the Sikhuphe Airport surrounding area under the His Majesty King Mswati III vision 2022.

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