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Special Article by Dumisani Hlophe

In the last few weeks we have witnessed a lot of violence a lot of Bombing and killing of innocent civilians all in the name of something or other, who gains from all this, certainly not us the average Joe, certainly not those that have been killed or lost relatives, and certainly not the thousands and thousands of refugees running from the carnage. The arms dealers do, the ones giving loans to buy the arms, the ones who maintain their position through the killing and extremist who wish to see all but themselves in the right. This cannot be right. Where is the UN in all this where is the sanity?

The UN was set up by world powers with the aim of ensuring peace and preventing another world war. So we are told, but is it really or was it set up by the victorious powers so as to maintain their positions?  We have been having wars on-going all over the globe some more vicious than others some quietly smouldering with direct or indirect involvement from one two or at times even all of the superpowers of this world mostly in total disregard for the wellbeing of the people on the ground who in the end are the most affected, the most injured to compound the problem these are the very same ones who are used as the excuse for the war in the first place in who’s name and for whose benefit this war is instigated and waged even when they are never consulted.

Why do we see thousands of refugees leaving a war fought apparently on their behalf?  It is time to reflect and think, something is going wrong we can’t keep going the same road; we have to find new ways of dealing with our differences. Everyone agrees that the UN Security Council needs reworking; everyone believes it needs to be more inclusive. HM King Mswati alluded to this in his speech at the recently held 70th general assembly when he suggested that Africa needs to be represented in the Security Council. Indeed Africa needs at least two permanent seats and five non-permanent seats as per the Ezulwini Declaration of the AU. One of the permanent seats should be given to none other than Kingdom of Swaziland. There are a number of very good reasons for choosing Swaziland. They are as follows.

Presently we have a situation where in order to be safe you need powerful bully type allies who will stand by your side so that another powerful bully does not overrun you or bully you. Now this kind of relationship usually leads to you being bullied in one way or another by either of the bullies in effect you have to choose between the lesser of the two evils according to your stand point. It’s time we have a small country in position to veto and vote a country protected by a permanent position that can take sides without having to fear getting overrun bullied or just disregarded. The world needs the voice of small countries to be heard. Swaziland is a small country unique in many ways and has a PROVEN TRACK RECORD OF BEING Peaceful and peace-loving that in it-self should qualify for a place in the UN Security Council as a permanent member.

Swaziland is a Monarchical democracy; a Kingdom with very firm democratic elements and linked directly to its cultural structures, members of parliament are directly elected in their personal capacity as individuals not as is so often the case where abstract body like a party is voted for a party that you can never know directly and one that then makes its own selection of people  to represent you often quite contrary to the type that you would have chosen. Swazi style democracy might not suit political parties but is suits a lot of people and government should after all be about the people not about parties, Kind Sobhuza id know to have repeatedly said that much and or present Monarch HM King Mswati III is also well known as a Peoples King his mission and Vision is to see Swaziland and Swazis Prosper Vision 2022 the roadmap for Swazi development is wholly people driven and people cantered aiming at clear goals all of which directly impact the People of Swaziland. We need more of such in this world.

The world is becoming more and more like one global village with the once great diversity of cultures not so slowly disappearing this is not necessary a good thing , with the disappearance of different cultures, different perspectives will be lost and some of these perspectives, on issues, problems and adversities could be what saves the world form chaos. Swaziland is still firmly connected to its own unique culture even though it has adopted a very western style life in most areas; this connectionwith the past combined with the western life style gives it a unique perspective and understanding one that deserves to be heard and might help bring about stability.

Give the small voices a chance to be heard and listened too, we might see a better world yet 

Dumisani Hlope is a Faculty Associate at the Albert Luthuli Centre for Responsible Leadership, Department of Business Management, Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences, University of Pretoria. He is a leadership, policy development, and political science expert.

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