Vision 2022 a look at the Future

Swaziland King Mswati III
Valentine Martin

Valentine Martin

Leaving 2015 behind and entering 2016 , we prepare to pave the way for Vision 2022, the vision of HM King Mswati III. It is the time to pause a minute to reflect on how different life was 6 years ago and how it will be in January 2022. In 2010 we were just getting used to the Idea of Smart phones with internet access, Facebook was beginning to become popular in Swaziland, while we listened to Shakiras Waka Waka drawing the World Cup Soccer Games in South Africa. Little did we know that soon people would be injecting botulism into their faces , revealing their photo collections on Facebook and chatting and forming groups on Whatsapp which was released in January of that year.

Fast-forward to January 2022, will our world sound practically prehistoric what changes should we expect of this Magic year? Our team came up with some possible answers.


We will have a unemployment figure that is well below what we are facing now, a lot of jobs will have been created around the King Mswati III Airport with the national carrier operating regular scheduled flights to all our regional trading partners as well as Abu Dhabi. These flights will not only bring tourist to the country but also much valued and needed income from trade at the free trade zone around the Airport, transit trade.

The Prime Minister of the Kingdom quite possibly HRH Princess Sikhanyiso will introduce a Green economy concept for Swaziland and initiate an aggressive marketing drive for progress and development.

We see the establishment of a solar power plant in the lowveld, a wind generation plant with wind turbines on the Lebombo plateau, and in selected locations in the High veld. As well as a new coal fired power plant at Mpaka using the coal located there and numerous smaller power plant using biofuel produced at the new biofuel plant in Matata using local sugarcane and other feed stock Swaziland will turn from being an importer of power to a net exporter of power.

South Africa will be in a state of civil unrest and instability causing many South African companies to resettle and seek a new home for themselves in the Kingdom.


After successfully launching and completing the drive for free universal primary education. Swaziland will endeavor to get high school and tertiary enrollment figures up enhancing the already well educated population. Swaziland will see itself established as an education Hub of Southern Africa hosting foreign students from all over the world with the establishment of a high end research and development University at Sikuphe City. This university will be at the forefront of developing new innovative products from local plants and materials. As well as developing new production ready high tech products


Augmented Reality Glasses:

Boy meets girl is as old as time, will see serious changes in the way we hook up in 2022. We will look at our world through high tech glasses and view our surroundings as “Augmented reality using a revolutionary technology which merges the physical “real-world” environment with virtual computer-generated reality. You will be able to change what the street looks like As you walk around town, a touch of a button will reveal the restaurants, hotels and bars in the nearby area in 3D vision and if you are you are in a relationship not looking to hook up , all men will simply appear as objects for you to avoid bumping into, but if you are single you’ll be alerted to all the available men. Better still, awkward ice breakers will become a thing of the past. Both your ‘Selfi Badges’ will broadcast Facebook information into the air, and the computer chips will work out if you are compatible. He notices you, you notice him, your data been checked and as you are both free you will instantly have a date for Friday evening.”

Cashless payments

More and more payments will be made from home via smartphones or similar internet enabled devises. This can be payment gate ways like Quickfire pay at which was recently launched in Swaziland. And the use of Bitcoins will be increased with more and more online trade being done and more and more direct import using bitcoin.

Health and fitness monitors

We’ll use mobile lifestyle devices to monitor our health, fitness level, consumption patterns and dental needs. Your smart phone will be able to give you a read out of your stress and nutrient level. These can be worn as either a wristband, necklace or hidden on the waistband.

Soon you’ll be able to control the whole house using 3D technology we’ll no longer have typical rooms – hydraulic systems will mean you can create walls wherever you want them.

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