What makes a country great?

“What makes a country great?by Rithabile Ncongwane

Siyimbali news reporter

Rithabile Ncongwane

What makes a country great? Is it the beauty, the size of its army, the number of wars it has fought and won, the economy the political system of the country?

Many international reporters like to complain about how undemocratic and how dictatorial the Kingdom of Swaziland is, let scrutinize and analyse the Kingdom and its system of Government.

First and foremost it is a monarch originating in the distant past long before Colonial powers took charge of Africa. It is however more than just a monarchy it is a monarch with a democratically elected parliament and a constitution that was adopted at a public gathering called by HM King Mswati III this same constitution that was arrived at by a laborious and long process of meetings and direct input from the general public in all the kingdoms four regions. It is a no party system borne out of the Swazi traditional system of government, no party means that no party is represented as a party in parliament which in no way stops any member of any political party to stand for elections and be elected into parliament, the rationale being that the people in the regions should vote for the person that they know whom they feel confidence in and who is the person that will best bring forward the community, develop the area and express the feelings of the community in the parliament and to the King . It is generally felt that having party political affiliations in parliament would create blocks of influence and effectively divide the communities taking away the direct say that each community has via its elected member of parliament. In the last elections a number of members of all kinds of political affiliations have been elected to parliament.

As it stands Swaziland is one of the most peaceful countries in Africa, if not the most, has been blessed with political and economic stability for over one hundred years and there is no reason at all to believe that it is about to change. It is a fact that most of the negative reports on the Kingdom are baseless and at best extreme exaggerations of perceived negative aspects of a system and a culture.

But the fact remains we as Swazi love our King and country we are not in favour of having a political dispensation other than the one we have decided on for ourselves. Anyone who has traveled to other parts of Africa and the world will agree that Swaziland is not only one of the most beautiful but also one of the most welcoming and peaceful countries on the planet. Most visitors to Swaziland will come back at one time or another.

Yes we have our problems we have unemployment, corruption and HIV but we are working at alleviating all of these problems and if all goes well will make good progress before 2022. That is the year HM King Mswati III has for his vision when Swaziland will reach 1st world Status. The year we achieve a ) new HIV infection level and the Year we have no more poverty. A not so impossible dream if you think about it properly if you keep a positive mind-set and if a few things fall into place.

We are a small middle income country with a largely well-educated and forward thinking population, The Kingdom is not to densely populated we have a very good set of Infrastructure, we do not have any major s opposing sides be it political, cultural, ethnic, religious or racial are extremely tolerant to outsiders and have a very low crime rate especially compared to our big neighbor South Africa and Mozambique, and we are not totally removed from our roots and love peace. Yes we have problems but we know what they are and are working on it.

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